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Wednesday Night Live

7 - 9pm Wed 13th December
12 Orpen Walk, London N16 8HG

Bringing Saturday night to Wednesday - join Kaajel Patel, Aidan Strudwick and Kat Buchanan at 12ø where we’ll be live broadcasting an evening of performances, celebrity appearances, ads, comedy, music and of course, games and bonus rounds.

You can watch in the comfort of your own home or sign up for a chance to be in the live studio audience and win some fabulous prizes. Booking is now open and tickets are limited so apply quickly! Application form: bit.ly/2zJEZ7y

The minimum age for the show is 16 years. Anyone who is 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over.

**12ø’s studio is in a residential house reached by a staircase so unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions regarding access please email info@12ocollective.com

Wednesday Night Live: Your Advert Here!!

Open call for 30 second works to be part of ‘Wednesday Night Live’ Advert reel. We want your adverts, marketing whatever you feel, a public campaign message? your favourite condiment? Ethereal glossy perfume advert? That new big amazing miscellaneous film? A Life changing JML products?

Whatever you like, send us your 30 second advert to feature as part of ‘Wednesday Night Live’ extravaganza on the evening of Wednesday 13th December. All adverts will be presented live in the 12ø studio and broadcasted across the world - and one lucky advert on the night will win a cash prize of £20!!

To take part in the competition please send works to info@12ocollective.com by Friday 8th December 5pm!!!

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on plon air - Art Licks Weekend 2017

Ikra Arshad - Untitled
Eva Duerden - "afountain"
Liam Fallon - Toppled
Ellie Macgarry - A type of blue/a type of green
Pester and Rossi - INFLATO - OPTICAL IMAGE INTENSIFIER - a commission for 'Look Again 2017'

12ø tackles the framework of the sculpture park, synonymous with luxurious and blockbuster institutions, manipulating this cemented formula, creating a more dynamic version. How do you create a sculpture park, without the big production budgets, the large crew, macho artworks and of course, without your own park?

5 artists are invited to consider sculptural loopholes of making what would normally be a static monument now a transportable & accommodating work, for a travelling garden, opportunistically exploiting london’s fertile variety of parks. Refreshing their configuration each day, where the works aren’t there cemented in, waiting to be admired but instead following you around, dropping in & disappearing just as quickly

Taking its name from the art term en plein air, referring to a tradition of painting outdoors, we will curate outdoors taking advantage of being nomadic.

... after all it’s just big expensive stuff on grass, so why can’t we make our own?

Group Show Live Show

Join us on Saturday 30th September for the one and only Group Show Live Show at Light Eye Mind in London. We’ll be celebrating five episodes of Caitlin Merrett-King’s podcast about artist-led activity across the UK.

There’ll be never-before-seen bonus podcast content, snacks and we’ll be interviewing Caitlin about making a chart topping visual arts podcast, followed by sets from Group Show contributors Abigail's Tail (Joseph Hulme) and Molejoy!!

Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Location: 176 Blackstock Road, London N5 1HA

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Group Show

Group Show is a five episode podcast series by Caitlin Merrett King covering topics like work, collaboration, education and criticism.

Caitlin has curated a mixture of interviews, sound commissions and regular features covering artist-led activity around the UK.

The podcast was conceived of as part of 12ø’s S/S17 curatorial residency as a way to explore what an expanded curatorial practice could mean in this popular format, testing the limits of this framework beyond the traditional chat show format.

Contributors range from art students to established curators (and people with many hats) across cities from Bristol to Glasgow in an attempt to draw links horizontally between people and organisations to promote all the fab work everyone’s doing. An audio interpretation of the busy, messy, exciting squishing together that happens in group shows.


The first episode of Group Show is all about WORK. In the first half of the show, Bobby Sayers presents two poems on the subject, Molejoy give us their cover of Dolly Parton's Nine To Five€™ recorded at Anti-University last year and Tom Holland chats about the philosopher Hannah Arendt. After an intermission from Tzuzjj.FM (James Harper and Louis Palser-Ames), Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammed of The White Pube give us their thoughts on criticism and tenderness in the first of their regular Group Show TWP Glossary features, followed by a review of the art scene in Bristol by Laura Phillips.


The second episode of Group Show is all about CRITICISM. First off, Gary Zhang talks to three different curators and critics about the relevance of art criticism today, followed by some musings on 'All What Jazz: A Record Diary' by Philip Larkin from Francisco Garcia, and a track responding to the theme of the episode from Jamie Hudson. Next, an interview with Morgan Quaintance by Lou from 12ø on how to get writing jobs and THAT Virginia Whiles Art Monthly podcast. We then hear the first half of 12ø's Bad Reviews feature followed by an intermission by Tzuzjj.FM (James Harper and Louis Palliser-Ames). The White Pube discuss objectivity and subjectivity in their regular Glossary feature, and finally Freya Dooley chats about the Cardiff art scene with Sam Hasler followed by two poems, 'CD player' and 'She is hearty, she loves beef'.


Firstly, Kerri Jeffris and Sophie Chapman introduce a choral recording based on deep listening practices developed by composer Pauline Oliveros, made at The Palace, a collaborative artist residency and festival in Poland. Then Sid and Jim, an artist duo from London discuss what collaboration means within their own joint practice, followed by another recording from Kerri and Sophie at The Palace, led by Giles Bunch. (Kerri, Sophie and Giles are in Molejoy, who you can hear playing in the first episode of Group Show!) We than hear a bit of a conversation I had with Emma Curd at The Royal Standard discussing working together and themes around the exhibition 'The "thinking-business"'. Next is a recording by Chris MacInnes and Luke Shaw about jellyfish. We then hear the second half of 12ø's bad reviews, followed by an intermission from Tzuzjj.FM. The White Pube then discuss collaboration and solitary genius (myth?) in their regular glossary feature. Lastly, Becky Manson and Máiri Lafferty chat to Edinburgh-based artists Jennie Temple, Jenny Hogarth, and Alexa Hare and Francesca Nobilucci (Yokollection) about working collaboratively and motherhood.


The fourth episode of Group Show is about the ARTIST AS CURATOR, and discusses gallery committees, nepotism and what it means to wear two hats. We hear three segments from Transmission, an artist-led gallery in Glasgow, split across the first half of the episode, plus a recording of an email conversation that I had with Hamish Chapman and Freya Fullerton earlier this year (featuring the voices of Hannah Reynolds and Theo Vass). We then hear from Muesli, who are Meg Brain and Mia Cathcart, a curatorial duo who ran a project space at The Royal Standard as part of the Liverpool John Moores University Graduate Residency scheme in 2016. After that is a mixture of two conversations that I had with artists Mathew Parkin and Liz Murphy about nepotism, followed by another fab intermission from Tzuzjj.FM (James Harper and Louis Palliser-Ames). The White Pube (Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad) then discuss money and feelings in their regular glossary feature, then in this episode's art scene feature I chat with Becca Halliwell-Sutton about Newcastle- featuring interviews with Juliet Fleming (Goldtapped), Gayle Meikle, Uma Breakdown (a.k.a Ralph), Grace Denton, Max Lee and Matt Antoniak (M I L K), Tommy Keenan, Stacey Davidson (i.o.u.a.e, Goldtapped), Nikki Katrina Carroll and Matt Young (jawbone jawbone).


The fifth and final episode of Group Show includes content from art educators and students, both alternative and institutional. We hear two recordings from Reading Room: meeting the universe half way, a project by artist Harriet Plewis with Grace Denton, Victoria Guy, Alice MacKenzie and Nicola Singh which happened in Sunderland earlier this year, followed by music selected by Jamie Hudson in response to the theme of this episode. Next is a conversation between Group Show regulars and fab artists Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jefferis with Marsha Bradfield, an artist-educator-curator-researcher who works with Critical Practice Chelsea and Precarious Worker's Brigade. Isabella Widger then reads 'Ideal pleasure, perfect sorrow: readability, desire and self-imagining in Madame Bovary', a piece of writing developed during her MFA at the Ruskin, Oxford last year. After this is a recording of School of the Damned, an alternative art education programme that I'm part of this year, having breakfast during a recent trip to Bristol. After a final intermission from Tzuzjj.FM (James Harper and Louis Palliser-Ames) and a final glossary feature on challenge and resistance from The White Pube (Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad) we hear from Serf, a project space and studios in Leeds, about their current projects.

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are we doing something wrong? we’d like you to tell us, point out our aws, give us your criticism, however short or long or unconstructed. be harsh and maybe we can fix it!

everyone loves a good critique of the powerful people and institutions, but so often, it feels like it’s not ok to call out similar patterns amongst our own art communities, or smaller initiatives and when we do, people may feel personally attacked.

and when people call out others, or share their experiences of crappy behaviour it’s often written off as “bitching” (which is so gendered, but let’s not get into that now!!) to undermine people and their criticism.

so we’d like to make an opportunity to critique us without worrying about burning any bridges and behind the safety of your computer screen tell us what we’re getting wrong. we’re going to make feedback public later down the line so maybe public criticism isn’t so scary and we can learn from each other. to submit a review go to: https://goo.gl/forms/YJZxBBAwhkAHo2XT2