thirty 2017

Thirty logo that reads thirty in lowercase in italic cursive writing, the text is pale mint colour with a orange drop shadow.

Thirty is an online exhibition programme run by 12ø, undertaking the task of presenting a new exhibition daily for the month of april. Throughout the thirty days 12ø will be pulling work directly from the project 3O/3O, in which participating artists are required to submit a work a day. Turning thirty into an almost instantaneous loop from artist production to display.

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Participating artists 2017:

Campbell Mcconnell Hannah Tolmie Helena Whittingham Jeff Ko Jo Willoughby Kelly Randall Meg Brain Michael Lacey Olivia Brazier Georgina Rowlands Wes Gilpin Bea Xu Ellie MacGarry James Ravinet Sophie Rogers Tess Rees Ellie Wyatt Katie Fiore Alison Clare Lois Hopwood Angeli Bhose Robin Sullivan Jess Young Josie Lee Andreea Cioran Clare Watt Sophie Nicoll Lewis Tizley Mia Cathcart Naomi Ellis Sonia Hufton Terence Birch Tais Bean Eleanor Turnbull georgia gendall Elliot Hewgill Jenny Handley Mona Broschár Hannah Whitlow gregory herbert sean christie Dominic Negus Jill McKnight Uma Breakdown Emma Kilraine Louise Ayre Callum Morley Joseph Cotgrave Eva Duerden Ellie Hoskins Anna Litchfield Valentina Orru Oliver Getley Stephen James Sid and Jim RP Brooks Richard Castle Guy Broadhurst Aukse Jonauskyte Hannah Taylor Luca George Pippa Eason abcd edf Siobhain Ma Lydia Brockless Ralph Pritchard Vanessa von Heydebreck Robert Thomas James Mills Jamie Sorensen Laura Davidson Eden Mitsenmacher Laura Negus Maria de la o Garr Daniel J Norie Katherine Plumb Asa Desouza-Jones Dominique White Georgia Iacovou Chloe Miller Angus Frost Jake Caleb Bailey Hawcroft-Hurst Alice White Sineid Codd Charlie Nia Dunnery McCracken elsa godfrey kristina pulejkova Steph Huang Ellie Barrett Olivia Costa vlada predelina Bob Bicknell-Knight Jess Clauser Chloe McClellan Ruben Green Trevor H. Smith Victoria grenier sasha webb Ruth May Lizzie Heath Hannah Rose Whittle Anna Ill Chloe Beecham Olga Paczka Victoria Grenier Rachel Christian Aphra Pilkington Hannah Edward Tara Benjamin-Morgan Olga Suchanova Jessica Marie Knight