on plon air

For Art Licks Weekend 2018, 12ø tests the framework of the sculpture park, synonymous with luxurious and blockbuster institutions, manipulating this cemented formula, trying to create a more dynamic version. How do you create a sculpture park, without the big production budgets, the large crew, macho artworks and of course, without your own park?

Featuring works by Ikra Arshad, Ellie MacGarry, Liam Fallon, Pester and Rossi and Eva Duerden, artists were invited to consider sculptural loopholes of making what would normally be a static monument now a transportable & accommodating work, for a travelling garden, opportunistically exploiting london’s parks. Refreshing their configuration each day, where the works aren’t there cemented in, waiting to be admired but instead following you around, dropping in & disappearing just as quickly

Taking its name from the art term en plein air, referring to a tradition of painting outdoors, we will curate outdoors taking advantage of being nomadic.

... after all it’s just big expensive stuff on grass, so why can’t we make our own?