first thursday with . . . NOT A SCAM

Pls read this, HONESTLY my friend is an attorney NOT A SCAM

WARNING carry on reading. Or you will die. This Really WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for real too all of my friends I do not usually fshare this kind of thing but this is from a good friend who is an attorney. People have lost lives friends and FAMILY.


Eva [surname removed] received this message on 29th July. She tagged four people because she have only four friends on facebook. One fewer than the number required.


She woke up the the next morning and went to work as normal. After lunch her crush of five years was run over by an 18 wheeler.


Lou [surname removed] saw this and though. What rubbish. She deleted it before reading. At 12:00am she was killed by a hit-an-run-driver


Jacob [surname removed] Succesfully shared this IMMEDIATELY to his five most beloved friends, one week later he received he was a good artist and a cheque from Microsoft Art Fund for $1328.

Microsoft are using an email tracker, if you forward this you will get $68 for each contact you send it to and $66.48 to everyone they send it too as well.

On 1st September you will have the best day of your life or the worst. You are invited to a special evening at 12ø on this date, in London, UK. at 19:00 BST. Bring a print out of your best art, we will share this for a world record longest travelling exhibition. GOT TO THE LINK >>> and Pls copy and paste this status and tag 5 of your best friends including the person who sent this too you if you care about me!

If you share this to five friends tomorrow someone will kiss you or ask you out.