Life Babies

I saw my friend Alexandra Gribaudi make vast and painful metal sculptures, and then turn to touch her tiny drawings and small wrapped art parcels. She would place these tokens around or inside her metal, like life babies hiding inside monsters, or light around a black hole. And like a Network Fatigue group hug, I decided to bring together works by artists I trust; works that need to be handled slowly, and shared carefully - hence this exhibition being available by appointment only. I want the space to be quiet, and I want the art to be enough for company. (If you want to visit, please contact to arrange an appointment).

Zarina Muhammad (, will be doing a reading), Alexandra Gribaudi (, sculpture), J.B. Shaw (, sculpture), Emily Wang (, drawing), Human Pony (video), Sarah Boulton (, sculpture and image), and Michael Lacey (, sculpture).

Curated by: Gabrielle de la Puente (