first thursdays with... (launch)

First Thursdays with… is an ongoing events programme hosted at the 12ø Project space. Dedicated to presenting a night of work by an artist or small group who may not usually be afforded the space and time to present work, in a way that is appropriate and generous, due to pre-existing exhibition structures, offering them an opportunity to display and/or discuss their research. These events as opposed to shows will create a more informal setting in which theory and critique is combined with a social, conversational evening.

To launch the programme Kerri Jefferis will be giving a lecture titled So Free, So Powerless, So Psychopath a meandering talk that draws parallels between the preferred and in demand Neoliberal personality type and Robert Hare’s famous psychopath checklist. She discussed the artist as entrepreneur, complicity, dreams, non-binary explanations of power and why definitions of art are so polarised in a market-based economy.

The lecture will be followed by an Artist’s Therapy taster session led by Bristol-based artist, Claudia Capocci, a democratically formatted discussion group, where people working in all forms of art can talk openly and without fear of judgement, in a trusting and informal environment, about issues surrounding art practice.