first thursday with . . . Jeremy Kyle & Special Guests

Join us for The Jeremy Kyle Show: Birthday Special for plenty of patronising moralism and traditional family values. Your chance to be in the studio audience or even bring a friend so you can settle a score with the help of Jeremy Kyle. Described as ‘human bear-baiting’ by a Manchester District Judge, we, the producers, will play loud music and ply guests with beer (and Jeremy themed cocktails) to heighten your emotions and thus make for entertaining TV.

After the break, Jeremy will be joined by a surprise celebrity guest, expect controversy and dancing.

Brought to you by Kat Buchanan, Aidan Strudwick and Rosa Nussbaum.

First Thursdays with… is an ongoing events programme hosted at the 12ø Project space. Dedicated to presenting a night of work by an artist or small group, offering them an opportunity to display and/or discuss their research. Aiming to encourage artists to try out new formats for testing ideas that are often associated with more established practices and institutional teaching posts: including workshops, talks, performances, screenings and seminars. There will be snacks.