did you pack this bag, yourself?

Did you pack this bag, yourself? is an exhibition centred around the transporting of work to an international destination through the affordable yet tricky means of hand luggage. 12ø invited three artists to make work that responds to and experiments with the regulations and restrictions of weight, size and material in carry on luggage, while finding an alternative strategy so not to compromise their practice, when transportation is a priority. The premise of the exhibition was to exploit our financial limitations of traveling to the other side of the world rather than be hindered by them. As opposed to trying to construct the illusion of a seamless and expensive international exhibition, we wanted to take ownership of the difficulties of being a small independent project space, trying to cheat our way through, finding the loopholes, instead of ‘faking it till you make it.’ Participating artists: Georgia Gendall Charlotte Salt Alfie Strong The exhibition was be hosted by Sluice as part of Exchange Rates in Bushwick, New York at the Buggy Factory.