jus chatting

October 7, 2018


12ø members (Lou Macnamara and Eva Duerden) are offering ‘arts sector services’ and any skills they’ve gained from being in an ‘arts organisation’ as bookable hourly sessions over the course of the weekend. Taking themselves outside the ‘formal’ curator role 12ø will use all of their hats: whether as a peer mentor, fellow ranter, friend, comrade, outside-opinion-fresh-eyes, (assistant) curator, artist, film maker/editors, posing as Adobe Creative Suite experts, facilitator, cheerleader or odd-job-jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.

Taking place across London they will meet ‘participants’ in their choice of location: ideally visiting Art Licks Weekend events, studio visits or other locations, and they’ll get the coffees (or equivalent alternatives).

Influenced by The White Pube’s practice of Art dates and John Freyer’s Free Hot Coffee, with nothing ‘physical or tangible’ produced, the works will be created from encounters with people over the weekend, the conversations had, skills shared and friendships founded. This project was devised from FOMO: having taken part in Art Licks Weekend for the last 3 years, 12ø has never been able to fully experience the events as a spectator and they got jealous.




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