nawki 2016

Text in black capitals written vertically, with baby pink highlighter saying the words 'not as we know it'

N.A.W.K.I (Not as we know it) is a project that intends to exploit the premise of the art fair model, showcasing young and emerging artists organisations and projects to create a collection of small exhibitions in one space.

The project is split into two parts one being the art fair and the other being a group of 'set' artists who take the role of installers, furnishers and technicians to house the work of the organisers with their own work, utilised as supports for their display.

Exhibiting organisations include; Aspiration Suits, CHARIZA, COLLAR, withfc & Ladette space.

Exhibiting artists include; Hannah Taylor, Joe Moss, Sam Hewland, Joshua Parker, Jacob Watmore & Eva Duerden.

NAWKI takes place in February, in collaboration with MUESLI in Liverpool at The Royal Standard.

Private view - 19th February (6pm - Onwards)

Open between 20th feb - 7th march

White Pube review