For Fresh ’n’ Frozen, RP will be creating booklets and collages, both including the written word and not. These small scale productions are ideally decorative and sit comfortably unengaged until needed, or stumbled upon, once again.

R.P. Brooks

  • RP Brooks’ work stems from daily practices of writing and collecting. From there, works emerge as poems; booklets; collages; building with the found and the created to produce works that are inherently confessional and yet ambiguous. Playing with scale and texture, even flat works are layered with small details that provoke consideration. 


    Often interpolating urban and natural imagery, RP’s collages deal with a duality that never quite connects, but that is still tied together temporarily by position and colour and feel, if only instantaneously, whole. In writings that balance between the first and second person, readers can lose themselves in the base knowledge of feeling, of the perennial human problems of need and want. 

    Ultimately, this image lead practice aims to create moments of temporary meditation, an emotional break from daily life that is at once universal and personal, in dialogue between the viewer and themselves.