Please view and read the Divided Heavens webpage. http://michaelacullen.co.uk/ (michaelacullen@hotmail.co.uk)

Titles of Works to Choose From:

The Veil of Woe
The Veil of Wrath
The Veil of Wisdom
The Veil of Want
The Veil of Wonder

Michaela Cullen

  • Michaela Cullen is an Irish artist based in Leeds. Her current body of work explores her long-term fascination with the practice of cults, historical and contemporary, whilst attempting to make a comment on the lost and vulnerable young artist, constantly seeking reassurance and creative companionship. As well as, it is a critical examination of the consequences of assumed, free creative labour. Through sculptural installation and painting on fabric, Divided Heavens is a projected long-term work that will take place over the next six months. By choosing one of the five 'Seals of the Veils', for Fresh 'n' Frozen, the viewer will receive a unique edition; a painting on fabric, as well as a letter from Divided Heavens. The website that has been created by the artist has been made specifically for the project. The viewer is encouraged to engage with the text that has been created by the artists brother, writer Eamon Cullen. This collaboration combines the siblings interest in high fantasy fictional writing, Norse mythology and apocalyptic musings, and sets the scene for a dark, romanticised version of a world we currently inhabit.

    Michaela is an active part of artist-led studio Serf, located in Leeds.