Meg Nixon

  • Previously I have used embroidery to examine the stigmatization and degradation of the female genitalia in society. Embroidery is commonly seen as outdated and 'crafty'. I see this as a problem for textiles being fully accepted as an art form, rather than just 'art's and crafts'; it demeans the skill and expertise needed, which is even more concerning when it is seen as 'women's work'. By using histrionic techniques to explore current affairs, I aim to expose such double standards, whilst also poking fun at the old constructs of such 'hobbies' keeping the women distracted, busy and firmly in the home. Recently I have expanded this to also explore how the male genitalia is portrayed in society, not focusing on the power it is often associated with, rather looking at the vulnerabilities. By keeping my work very abstract and tongue in cheek I aim to make people stop and think about the potential meanings behind the imagery rather than just taking them at face value, and also perhaps help desensitize the stigma and embarrassment we as a society feel about our private parts.