Lucy Vann

  • Lucy Vann b.1987 graduated from Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art in 2012. She now lives and works in Sheffield and is based at S1 Artspace. She has screened and exhibited work across the UK including the BFI, Guildhall Art Gallery and Royal College of Art. Recent exhibitions include Breather - Limner Journal Online Residency,Ground - Turf Projects, Keep the Dust Off - S1 Artspace. Vann works in moving image, photography, writing, sound and performance to investigate, record and reinterpret overlooked happenings in the everyday. Mundane surroundings provide both a source of material and a setting for production. For Fresh 'n' Frozen she will be making recordings in the space and local area over the course of the day. Photographic prints and video files will be available for delivery, offering the viewer an insight into recent occurrences