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Food Sketz

  • FoodSketz, based in Cambridge (UK), is a collaborative vehicle for food, art and discussion, by Alison Clare and Cat Smith. Starting its life as an internet-based project to investigate new methods of education through the Youtube Tutorial back in 2011, FoodSketz has since been re-established as FoodSketz IRL, a socially-engaged entity focusing on the use of food as a facilitator of shared conversation and experience, continuing the re-evaluation of education. Past projects and exhibitions include: 3030 [12o Collective]; Food [Reel Women, Cambridge]; The Artist Ambassador Convention [TRAFFIC, Online];  Eggstravaganza, [Ladette Space, London and The Royal Standard, Liverpool]; Thirty, [12o Collective - Online]; Occupy 01 [Lokaal 01, Antwerp], and in August/September, they were artists-in-residence at TASC Studio Kitchen, Bergen.

    For Fresh ‘N’ Frozen, FoodSketz present FuckYeahFlowerPressing. FuckYeahFlowerPressing is planned obsolescence. FuckYeahFlowerPressing is tea as therapy. FuckYeahFlowerPressing is a means of preserving the last few days of summer – but with a sell by date. Each piece contains a series of edible flowers, which must be drunk as an infusion by the 2nd of November – exactly one month after the end of Fresh ‘N’ Frozen. We hope u enjoy xoxo