Eden Mitsenmacher

  • I invited  Hebe Konditori and the artist Richard Baines to explore with me the ideas of truth and fiction while still allowing ourselves to question what it is we are actually doing. Aiming to create a humorous yet earnest explorations of friendships in this state of digital / internet / social media/ or whatever the new hip word for it is. Opening up the notions and feelings of anonymity on the internet, how one translates relationships from the safety of behind their computer screen to a real tangible world.

    The results of this collaboration are:
    * 50 customized biscuits by Hebe Konditori
    The full list of shapes and  flavors:
    Rocks: Black sesame & lime 
    Hands: Almond & lemon
    Roses: Rose water with dried rose petals
    Hearts: Raspberry 
    Clouds: Vanilla 
    * A sculptur by Richard Baines 
    An object assembled from collected materials depicting two figures, two screens and two scrunched hands reaching out to form a heart.
    * Two videos by Eden Mitsenmacher

    Back to Reality , 1 minute 39 seconds and dot dot dot , 5 minutes 32 seconds