Cut Out Bits, DIY collage. Size of envelope =11.5x16cm. I like the idea that someone could pick up where I left off and create something unique with the parts. All parts are leftover from other work, bits that I can’t throw away incase I need them one day;) I’m a total hoarder.

Grips; glazed and fired earthenware, i) Black = 2.5cm, ii) Watermelon = 7.5cm, iii) Sky blue = 6.5cm These are ‘off cuts’, little bits of clay left over from something else, formed in an instant gesture, gripped in the hand.

3x watercolour postcards, each measures 13x8cm approx. These are quick doodles, spontaneous paintings, made while not thinking.
The waves
The sunshine
The beach

Charlotte Salt

  • As a visual artist I am interested in (craft) processes and production as a way of exploring and understanding our environment. I employ a range of different techniques, but have yet to really master any of them. I don’t know if this is important in my work, as my interest lies more in the expressive making, while consciously pointing to other things.


    Much of my impulsive making is driven by the subconscious, my interest in an automatic approach and a desire to work intuitively with materials.

    A lot of people are working with craft processes within a fine art discipline right now and I certainly have a great interest in this, cultural shifts and people’s ideas relating to making and creating with one’s hands. I think it can be very empowering and an opportunity to shape one’s environment in a meaningful way.

    It Happened in Üzümlü (Green) - The Golden Rule, Liverpool (2016), Mass Production – The Malt Cross, St James’s Street, Nottingham (2016), ‘Looking At People, Looking At Art’, Division Of Labour, Herald St, London (2016), ‘Are You Ready?’ Caravan, 24 Mount St, Manchester (2016), 'Footnotes2', Crescent Arts, The Crescent, Scarborough (2016), 'Spares', Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds (2015), 'Shades of Clay', Kunsthuis, Dutch House Art Gallery, Crayke, York, (2015), ‘SHOWDOWN', Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2015).

  • Charlotte Salt – Resident artist at Crescent Arts.