Credit: Chewing the Fat - Play Act Cards (PAC), image by Natasha McAvoy, Her-Mit Projects, Feb 2020.

improv with strangers

Wednesday 29th April 6:30pm-7:30pm (GMT+1)

Come with us and temporarily transport yourself - outside your bedroom, your day, your isolation, and yourself (mind blown emoji)! 

Together we will have a go at playing an online improvisation game, a mini roleplay - no experience or know-how necessary. Over the hour session you will be gently guided to improvise with strangers using the ‘Play Act Cards’ we developed working with a group of acting enthusiasts last summer in Beeston, South Leeds. The cards give you prompts for your character, the place you find yourself, the atmosphere and an opening line for your scene. Whatever follows next follows, no pressure. However you respond is up to you and where your group takes it!


This process is designed for anyone to play, no performance or acting experience needed - just a willingness to give it a go. Over zoom we will break into smaller groups and see where the cards take us! Wana pretend you're having your hair cut? Wana imagine what playgrounds will be like after lockdown? Wana have interactions with strangers on the street again? You can! In the comfortable space of our collective imaginations and on the other side of a laptop screen.


The aim of the game is to step outside of yourself and into another person's shoes, to empathise with who that other person might be, share the view from where they are and begin to imagine how they might respond to the other people, places and things around them. Use costumes, props from your kitchen, or just method-act your way through. It’s up to you. It’s different every time we play but it’s always a laugh. You will have the option to record your ‘act’ as a collaborative 30/30 for that day.



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Sophie + Kerri are an artist duo who make work through collaborative processes instigated between themselves and others. They have been working together since 2015 and make situations, objects and invitations which ask people to collectively step out of their everyday and into temporary autonomous zones where different logics are embraced. Their work is purposefully improvised, experimental and anarchic, allowing for chance, and the poetics of uncertainty. Sophie + Kerri work from live-ness and lived experience resulting in works in film, performance, writing and drawing. Their work is rooted in the politics of collaboration and seeks to activate the social imaginary, occupying or embodying what lies between ‘us’ outside of capitalist production. Recent works include: Idle Acts a improvised mumblecore docu-drama devised and shot in Beeston, South Leeds, Sympoetic Tools a set of handheld sculptures and scores used to develop non-verbal, disorientating choreography and The Table a modular kitchen table which requires co-construction to build.

Sophie + Kerri are based in London and North Yorkshire. They have recently shared their work at Mansions of the Future, (Lincoln), Rowland Road Working Men’s Club (Beeston), GRAFT Projects (Lancaster) and Her-Mit Projects. In 2018/19 their work was supported by Artsadmin’s artist bursary, grants from the Arts Council England and a live/work residency with East Street Arts. They are currently working on projects with Poor Image Projects and Pavilion (Leeds).