Grey background with yellow type reading HII and then the last letter is covered with pink paint written C. Below yellow text says 'High-Intensity Interval' and the last word is crossed ou in pink and replaced with 'Critting'

High-Intensity Interval Critting (HIIC)

Sunday 19th April 4-5pm (GMT+1)

Join your fellow 30/30 artists in a high speed crit session facilitated by artist Chloe Cooper and 12ø.


Taking place over an hour we’ll speed-crit each other’s work, taking it in turns to be supportive responders.


The aim is to be as constructive and productive as we can at break-neck speed*!

To take part, select one of your 30/30 submissions and prepare up to 3 questions that you’d like to ask your fellow 30/30 artists about it.


On the day, click on to the zoom link and be ready to share your screen when it’s your turn. 

We’ll follow a 3-2-1 formation (3 minutes of artists as questioners, 2 minutes of fellow 30/30 artists as questioners and 1 minute of opinions).


*The speed element is based on our desire to host as many artists as possible!




There are 24 places for this crit. We will close sign up on Friday 17th and randomly select 24 people to take part - you will receive an invitation to RSVP and if you don’t RSVP by, then we will reallocate your ticket to ensure this event is fully attended.  




Chloe Cooper is an artist and educator. She has been a member of several crit groups and peer support groups and has run peer mentoring workshops nationwide with Artquest as part of the New Contemporaries public programme. In her own work she uses performative tours, instructional videos and paper marbling to splash about in the rocky waters of human relationships. Chloe has recently exhibited and performed at Learning Space: DESIRE. 50 years of new society, nGbK, Berlin (2019); Live Marbling with London Improvisors Orchestra, Cafe Oto, London (2019); The Body Politic, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2019); To whom the flesh / My flesh / Still connects me, Inland Project @ The Poetry Society, London (2019); and #35 Annual Open Exhibition, Southwark Park Galleries, London (2019).