Open call: Curation Residency 2019

Deadline : 11.00pm Saturday 10th August


Our Curation Residency is an opportunity to enable people to gain curatorial experience in a supported environment to develop an experimental project idea. The open call is for applicants who wish to use this as a test ground for curatorial approaches and develop their skills. It is open to creatives, including but not limited to; artists, curators, musicians, performers, collectives, activist or community groups, who are interested in engaging audiences in art, beyond traditional forms of exhibition making. We are especially interested in applications from those who have previously been unable to find support through traditional gallery routes.


This is an open call for someone looking to realise a project and develop their skills with collaboration and support from us. We encourage experimental approaches to the residency, so be adventurous! Proposals could be for publications, online exhibitions, workshops, lecture series, debates, research, film screenings, performances, publications, mentorship, reflective works, discursive projects, online, off-site or new formats not mentioned here. The last resident, Caitlin Merrett King, produced a podcast series ‘group show’ including 5 episodes and a live show event.  


Curators currently serve as gatekeepers within the culture industries. There is a narrow demographic of people who access these positions while the culture sector remains inaccessible to many people. This Residency’s specific eligibility criteria is for applicants who face barriers to the culture industry because of ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and/or classism.


Who are we?


12ø is a collective based in London, motivated by interesting processes rather than shiny exhibitions. We create projects that exploit the gaps in our knowledge and our eagerness to learn. We are striving to create a programme the promotes, challenges and encourages artistic practice in all its manifestations rather than just points for the CV. For us to do this, it’s paramount that we have an open, flexible, and supportive approach, to cater to artists development and their individual needs, we recognise that we need to focus and take responsibility both in our programme and organisational structures to effectively remove barriers.


What is the opportunity?

  • £1050 fee for the selected applicant(s) time, to develop and deliver a curatorial project.


  • The residency will run over a six month period, and is roughly split into two halves: three months for research and planning your project and three months where we will work with you to develop, produce and deliver the project. We expect this to total 14 days on the project, spread out in a way that works for you over the course of the residency.


  • Support and collaboration from the 12ø members, with regular skype calls or meetings to check in on the project with you. We will support the resident with our experience in budgeting, producing, admin, technical support, design, publicity and we’re always up for learning new skills too, we are open to various levels of collaborating!


  • £700 for production costs, e.g. artist fees and travel.


  • We are not a venue or gallery so we cannot provide a space but we can support you in finding a venue for your project if you need.


  • We welcome proposals from people based in any location, however we do not provide accommodation as part of this residency so we will need to find other means to communicate with us if you are not based in London.


  • This residency has additional budget to support artists with access needs. (we encourage the use of access docs for anyone we work with, so that we know what we need to do to facilitate and provide equal access to work, This information or document is not necessary or considered for the application process, for more information on access docs for artists please visit: Access Docs for Artists website.)


Who is eligible?

  • This opportunity is for people facing barriers to the culture industry and are unable to find support/opportunities through traditional gallery routes because of ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and/or classism.


  • There are no age restrictions.


  • We are open to applications from applicants with varying levels of experience: no qualifications are necessary to apply.


  • You do not need to have studied or worked in the arts to apply. All you need is a proposal.


  • You can apply as a duo or collective but unfortunately our budget is fixed so the fee will still be £1050 in total.


How to Apply


Please submit your completed the application form (link below) via email to with the subject line ‘Curation Residency Application’.

Application Form Download (PDF)

Application Form Download (Word doc) 

Application Deadline : 11.00pm Saturday 10th August

  • Applications are considered anonymously, the ‘Personal information’ page will not be considered in the application process and will only be used in order to contact applicants.

  • ‘Eligibility Criteria’ will only be used to determine whether you are eligible, this page will not be considered in relation to the application.

  • We will contact shortlisted applicants to arrange for a short Skype meeting, we will send any questions in advance of the meeting. The aim is not to test your interview technique but find out more about the project and if we will be able to effectively support you to make it happen. Interviews are likely to take place on evenings of Sunday 18th / Monday 19th.


If you have any questions before submitting please don't hesitate to email us with the subject line ‘Curation Residency Help’.






The personal data you give us in submitting your application will be used to process your application for the 12ø 2019 Curatorial Residency and will not be shared. We will only contact you in connection to this application. Your personal data will be kept by 12ø for up to 1 year and will only be used for internal research and evaluation. It will not be passed on to anyone else. If you want to be removed from our database you can email info@12ø with the header CR2019 Privacy. 


*Access Docs For Artists, is an online resource to give information on writing an access document for disabled artists. An Access doc is Essential a Rider List, a document that outlines your disability access needs but is not limited to disabilities.