Thirty is an online exhibition programme ran in collaboration between Set The Controls and 12ø collective, Leeds and London. Both galleries will be undertaking the task of presenting a new exhibition daily on a shared platform. 

You can see here

featured artists:

Bryony Hussey
Willem De Haan
Charles Verni
Sam Hewland
Joanne Dawson
Michaela Cullen
Sevgi Tan
Emma Clayton
Jade Anna Williams
James Hatton
Georgia Clem...

3OWORKS3ODAYS is a month long project for artists, where they are required to submit a new piece of work which is made within 24 hours, every day for the month of April.

N.A.W.K.I (Not as we know it) is a project that intends to exploit the premise of the art fair model, showcasing young and emerging artists organisations and projects to create a collection of small exhibitions in one space. 

The project is split into two parts one being the art fair and the other being a group of 'set' artists who take the role of installers, furnishers and technicians to house the...


As part of the 12ø Curation Residency 2015, artist Joshua Parker curated an exhibition from entries from an open submission to explore possibilities of how emerging art practices could survive continuous austerity measures while maintaining critical reflection of the contemporary.
Trading Places will work as a projection of an impending landscape, when art follows business models, corporate strategie...

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