30works30days 2021


30works30days is a month-long project where participants are required to submit a new piece of work, every day for the month of April. The project is open to everyone and any medium is encouraged. If you fail to submit something on one of the days, you are out of the project.

12ø began 30/30 in 2015 to encourage making and experimentation. 30/30 is to encourage making and experimentation, testing what you think you know about your practice. With the restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut, and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise, are just as telling as the work that you produce. 

Thirty.works was a live feed that showed everyone's works everyday throughout April. Each day different artists made a selection of the day's works which were then posted on Instagram. You can still see the daily artist selections by looking at our Instagram @12ocollective or by searching #30works30days 

In 2021, 582 people of all ages participated from 30 countries around the world! Over the project 11,292 works were submitted on the website. 

a digitally rendered image of a large silver stopwatch sinking to the bottom of a tiled swimming pool. Bubbles rising from just above it. The face of the stopwatch features the 30 30 logo divided by the hands of the watch which form a slash dividing the two numbers. Another small watch dial is in the bottom left-hand corner of the face of the stopwatch
Screenshot of Google Maps in a pale pink and beige colour scheme, with a purple 30/30 logo floating across the top left corner. 30 purple pins dotted across the map mark: Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, The Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada, Wales, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland, South Korea, Portugal, France, Mongolia, Israel, Nigeria, Brazil, Denmark, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Slovenia, USA

We organised three hour-long critiques/workshops/conversations over Zoom. Different artists facilitated these sessions with the aim to give participants a chance to check-in and talk to one another about the work they were making. 

Thank you to our Zoom workshop Artists:

Making Movement

with Kaajel Patel 

Telepresent Modular Design Lab

with Sam Meech

Word, Image, Other

with Beth Bramich 

Thank you to Abdulmajeed Abdurrahman Isa for the incredible website this year!

And thank you to Artquest who kindly supported 30/30 2021. 

If you did not participate in 30/30 this year but would like to be reminded about registration for next year, please sign up to our mailing list. 

For more information email us at info@12ocollective.com 

. Four zoom tiles, top left Veronika on a blue background, arms up with palms facing the camera. Top right Tee, holding a lit golden candle with a fiery background. Bottom left is an orange earthy background with no body in it. Bottom right Eva has a hand up near the camera with a watery blue background.

Telepresent Modular Design Lab with Sam Meech

Screen shot of zoom with screens of 6 participants at the top on the frame all doing various movements i front of their cameras . Underneath is kaajel guiding everyone wearing a grey top and pink trousers. She is holding up her leg and has her arms in the air. behind her is a white wall and door and bookshelves.

Making Movement with Kaajel Patel

Artquest-logo-2 (1).png